Fat Bike
Try a new winter sport! 

Fat bikes are specially made bicycles that accommodate ultra-wide tires that can be run at very low pressure. The combination of very wide tires and less than ten pounds of pressure allows fat bikes to roll over soft, slippery surfaces like snow.

Fat bikes are one of the fastest-growing segments of the bicycle industry. They provide a great way for cyclists to stay in shape during the winter season. Here in the Methow, our winter season can be longer than all other seasons combined. Another way to get outside and recreate is always welcome here. Simply bundle up like you would for skiing and get out and ride. No waxing required, and for the passionate cross-country skier, it provides another way to cross-train.

Fat bike trails are assessed day by day, taking into account snow conditions and user compatibility. Information on what trails are open to fat bikes will be available daily on our Methow Trails grooming report. Just like a skier, a valid Methow Trails day pass will be required for fat bikes at all locations, except for Big Valley.

Fat bikes are available for rent at Methow Cycle & Sport located in Winthrop and in Mazama, Goat's Beard Mountain Supplies and North Cascades Cycle Werks. Reservations are recommended! Methow Cycle & Sport also provides rack adaptors for customers who wish to transport rental fat bikes to the riding area of their choice.

Fat bikers must follow these conditions of use:

Winter Fat Bike Riding Conditions of Use

Maps of each of the fat biking locations - Fat bike routes are highlighted in orange.

Big Valley

Rendezvous - Gunn Ranch Road and Grizzly

Town Trailhead via the Wintrop Fish Hatchery - Bitterbrush and Barnsley

Sun Mountain - Patterson Lake and Radar Creek