Hanz's Big Adventure

Presented by Methow Valley Nordic

Hanz’s Big Adventure is a trials-format race for kids up to 100 years old. Venue is the McCabe Trails at Liberty Bell High School. You guess how long it will take you to do your chosen course and enter your time when you register. All you know ahead of time are the approximate distance of the courses you can choose from–1, 2.5, or 5 km. On the day of Hanz’s Big Adventure you then ski that course–or a different one if you change your mind, but your predicted time can’t change. The skier who comes closest to guessing their actual time will be the winner. Skiers may not look at a watch or get advice from others while on course. You may do skate or classic technique, it doesn’t matter. The main thing is to ski and have fun! There will be zany obstacles along the way to make the courses more interesting. Members of the biathlon team are encouraged to do the biathlon obstacle as well. All skiers will wear bib numbers and start at a specified time. The start list with start times will be posted online and at the venue by Saturday morning.

Registration is online via Webscorer and is free, but you must register before 6 pm Friday January 21.   Biathletes must register by Thursday night so we can plan range logistics. Please note: there is no registration on the day of the Adventure.   Please feel free to register even if you are uncertain you will actually come–it is easy to delete your entry later. Donations to MVNT are welcome to defray expenses for the Big Adventure.

Click here to register

Please check in and receive your bib at the McCabe Trails stadium from 10:45 to 11:30 am. Biathletes must pick up their bib promptly at 10:45 am and be ready to set up the range and zero at 11 am. The Big Adventure starts at 12:00 pm.

Spectators: Get the FREE Webscorer Fan app for your cell phone and follow live race results from the venue!


Saturday - January 22, 2022

Starting: Jan 22
Ending: Jan 22

(509) 996-6000