After 43 years... A place to call home

horizon flats property development

Since our humble beginnings in 1977, Methow Trails has operated out of a plethora of different locations. We currently have leased office space, storage units, and maintenance facilities in over half a dozen locations all over the valley, most of which are too small for our purposes. We are therefore excited to be working more on the development of the new center of the Methow Trails universe: our new base of operations at 21 Horizon Flats Rd, in Winthrop. This 18 acre property was purchased with proceeds from our winter trail pass sales and from the generous support from the Methow Investment Network members. 

We envision a community hub that will centralize our operations, including office and meeting space, equipment storage and maintenance facility, trailhead and parking area, and more. 

Some of our grooming and office staff got together on the new property last fall for a groomer's training day

Planning and dreaming is well underway on this beautiful parcel of land

We are deep in the planning and design phase of this project and are gearing up for construction of our operations center and new trailhead in 2021/2022. This property development will enable us to more effectively run our operations and deliver our mission by creating a central central hub for trail recreation and operations in the Methow. If you drive through the valley you may have noticed some work being done at the end of the Susie Stephens trail which eventually will be a bridge and new trail connection that links our new property to downtown Winthrop. This project should be completed this fall and will be a critical link and access point for the TWiN Trail as well. Further work this summer is being done on older building structures and making the old homestead building into a temporary project development information center. Stay tuned for further information on this ongoing project.