Come tour the Methow Valley on foot!

Methow Valley Snowshoeing

Snowshoe Trails

Methow Trails has some shared-use trails, and many that are open exclusively to snowshoers. Check out the winter maps for full details on the exclusive and shared-use snowshoe trails from each trailhead. A $5 snowshoe trail pass is required. A ski pass will also grant access to snowshoe trails.

Snowshoeing is a wonderful way to explore the gems of the Methow Valley in the winter. Our scenic, peaceful snowshoe trails wind their way throughout the entire trail network, with the highest concentration of trails out of the Sun Mountain area. 

Snowshoes can be rented at any of the local rental shops. Sun Mountain Lodge offers snowshoe tours throughout the winter for looking for a guided experience.

Snowshoe Trails

Mazama Trails
John's Way  Lunachik  Aspen/Forest Edge Loop  Beaver  Creek Overlook Loop  Inn View Loop

Cub Creek Trailhead (Rendezvous)
Cougar Bait   Cedar Creek Loop (black)  Heifer Hut

Winthrop Trails
Big Valley Inner Loop  Big Valley Outer Loop  Winthrop Fatbike Snowshoe

Sun Mountain Trails
Horse  Lake View  Ponderosa  Red Tail  View Ridge  Black Bear  Patterson Lake  Kraule Click-a-pic  Magpie  Rader Creek  Moose