Twisp to Winthrop Trail Project


For information on how to get involved with trail projects, including our vision for a future trail connection between Winthrop and Twisp, please contact us!

Our journey to better connect our communities is just beginning. Check out this film by Jamie Petitto to learn more!


In October 2018, Methow Trails launched a community outreach survey of 1,500 trail users which concluded in March 2019. The primary aim of the survey was to gauge community interest in a variety of potential future trail connections, and gain insight into how Methow Trails’ projects are prioritized by trail users. As a direct result of the responses from the survey Methow Trails is currently scoping and seeking support for a new trail connecting Twisp, Winthrop, and the school. 

The survey report is available for view or download on the right. Please click the image to open it up in another window.


  • Why is Methow Trails taking this project on? A trail connection between Winthrop and Twisp has been talked about for decades. Our recent survey demonstrated that access to trails increases health, happiness, and quality of life, and this trail connection was overwhelmingly listed as the number one future trail priority for our community. As our valley grows, a safe non-motorized route between our towns and the schools is a priority. We have the bandwidth and experience to take this project on, but we will need the support of our community to make it happen!
  • Where will the trail go? Landowner permission will dictate the exact trail alignment. Based on community input, the trail should: be accessible to a wide range of abilities, be as direct as possible so that the trail can be a viable commuter route, connect to the school, avoid expensive river and highway crossings. These criteria can be met most easily with a trail that is west of highway 20 and east of the rugged highlands near Elbow Coulee. This "river/highway" corridor is the ideal route that Methow Trails is currently scoping. 
  • What user groups will be allowed? Landowner permission will stipulate what activities are allowed on the trail. As an extension of the Methow Community Trail, it would ideally be a year-round, widely accessible trail open to all non-motorized use. We will explore the use of e-bikes on this trail to facilitate a safe alternative to driving for commuters. When conditions permits, we will groom for skiing and fatbiking.
  • What is the timeline? Building trail networks takes time (we should know!). We need alignment and support from landowners, municipalities, land managers, and community members before we even break ground. This will be a multi-year, phased process with the final route determined by landowners. It will take a unified community effort to make the trail a reality. 


If you would like to join the growing list of businesses and community members who endorse this project or for more information on how to get involved, please contact

Methow Trails Twisp to Winthrop Project